Gnosis Chain sidechains will transition to PoS consensus / 12/7 — TIOTA Lecture on “CIO Transformation Map in the Post-epidemic Era”

Privacy-focused Gnosis is one of Ethereum’s first sidechains, and it will undergo a merger of versions to replace its proof-of-authority (PoA) chain with its Gnosis PoS beacon chain. The merger will take place on Thursday, December 8 in the United States, when a certain scheduled TTD will be reached. TTD is a measure commonly used for proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains, but it can also be used to time the fork of a PoA chain. This time, however, the Gnosis “merger” will be slightly different as it swaps PoA for PoS. (Golden Financial report)

TIOTA Chairman Spencer Liang 12/7 attended the lecture on “CIO Transformation Map in the Post-epidemic Era” hosted by Kaohsiung Economic Development Bureau, implemented by EY Enterprise Management Consulting Services Co., Ltd., and co-organized by the Innovation Accelerator, and was held at KO-IN. (SDChain report)

SixDomainChain (SDChain) is the world’s first decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that integrates international standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain.

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