Polygon has partnered with new banking app “Hi” to create a platform that allows users to mint NFTs for Web3-focused debit cards. Cardholders can spend cryptocurrency or fiat currency at 90 million merchants worldwide. Users can also make any personal NFT for their debit card cover, whether it’s a holiday photo or a personal photo, without paying gas fees. (Golden Finance reprinted The Block report)

The education and metaverse field have become the focus of SDChain and Lami NFT, and they have recently continued to cultivate the campus and launched their own metaverse brand “Laleverse”, hoping to make students more familiar with NFT, XR, Martech, through continuous education, the future will be an OMO world, learning new skills and new knowledge early, help to adapt to the workplace environment earlier than others, and have a more adequate mind. (SDChain report)

SixDomainChain (SDChain) is the world’s first decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that integrates international standards of IoT Six-Domain Model and reference architecture standards for distributed blockchain.


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